Public Health

Polk County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Rapid Growth, population aging trends, and economic circumstances in Polk County have left many people behind. Kay Klymko has listened to your voices detailing your priorities on health and believes she can bring a unique perspective to the county commission table that will enable your voice to be heard.

Health Care

Polk County is still experiencing the continuing effects and aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus American Relief Act Funds to Polk County must be designated for spending by December 2024. Over a hundred million dollars in ARF funds are budgeted to be spent this year with Kay Klymko supporting their designation to community and public health programs such as providing medical debt relief to families affected by covid who are unable to afford their medical expenses.

Elder Care

Polk County is experiencing aging in place with approximately forty percent of its people 50 years of age and older. Physical, mental, and functional changes require the expansion of services to meet the needs of this growing population. Kay Klymko, as a lifelong provider, administrator of family health care, and gerontological specialist, will advocate for elder care support service expansion and affordability.


Public Safety

Polk County has developed a Budget for 2023-2024 that will enable the strengthening of the Sheriffs’ department and first responders’ ability to protect and safeguard the health and welfare of Polk County residents. Kay Klymko will support maintaining their strength and implementing the projected budgetary plan.