Social Justice

Pre-Arrest Diversion for Adults, Affordable Housing, and Homelessness are our focus.

Kay Klymko supports the implementation of  programs like Pre-Arrest Diversion for Adults with nonviolent Minor Offenses so that individuals who are unable to pay for minor offenses do no end up with a criminal record inhibiting their employment and contributing to a cycle of poverty. Kay Klymko will support the utilization of this program along with the tracking of its success through data collection and analysis.

Affordable Housing

Approximately 15% of Polk County residents are living in poverty and may experience unemployment, homelessness, and hunger. The rapid growth of Polk County has resulted in a competitive demand and rising costs for housing, making a place to live unaffordable for many. Kay’s work with the Polk Ecumenical Action Council for Empowerment (PEACE) and kidsPACK, Inc. has increased her awareness of the growing community tension these problems have created. She will advocate for funding to increase the level of available Affordable Housing Units.


Homelessness throughout the county is concerning for many with the documentation that more than 4,500 students in Polk County are Homeless. Kay will advocate for identifying and providing adequate support services to ensure that no child is left hungry or without a safe place to rest at night.